Super Capacitors and Modules

Super Capacitors provide a reliable backup source of power for your applications, extend the life of your battery or replace it all together.  ICD Sales Corp. is and authorized distributor for and a representative for super capacitors in a wide range of values for your application.  Standard and custom super capacitor modules to meet your application are also available directly from ICD Sales Corp.  

Super capacitors in parallel with a battery can extend the life of the battery and provide a variety of potential options to your application.  They can be charged and discharged up to millions of times to provide the pYEC | EDLC | Double Layerower needed for many applications while reducing or even eliminating the requirements for a battery.  Super Capcitors provide short bursts of power very efficiently and be recharged very quickly in similar fashion.  They are now in use in portable electronics, cordless screwdrivers with ultrafast charging times, hybrid vehicles that can recharge the super capacitors with high power kinetic energy from braking and in 300’ wind turbines to replace battery in operating motors.  Whether your battery dependant products are tiny or huge we can help with a super capacitor or Module to supercharge your application.  
Super Capacitor Modules
ICD provides radial types up to 2.7V and 470F.

Email ICD with your module needs.  We can develop the exact values, layout, connectors and related items to suit your application.

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