Solid Polymer ElectrolyticsSolid Polymer Electrolytics

Offering many improved properties over standard Aluminum Electrolytics, Solid Polymer Electrolytics have been rapidly accepted in many high ripple and low ESR applications.  ICD Sales Corp. is and authorized representative and distributor of the full line of Solid Polymer Electrolytic Capacitors.

These capacitors provide ultralow ESR, and high ripple current ratings. They operate well in high frequency applications and are more reliable and have longer life cycles than standard electrolytics.  With standard operating temperatures of up to 125C, small case sizes, and many SMD options, Solid Polymer Capacitors will improve most applications.  One Polymer cap may be able to replace multiple standard aluminum electrolytic or tantalum caps in your design, saving lots of board space, while providing better quality signals with improved reliability.  

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