Alcon Electronics - Conduction Cooled Capacitors

Alcon Electronics is a quality manufacturer of Conduction Cooled film capacitors, primarily used in Induction Heating applications.  They use proven film capacitor designs and have a variety of standard package sizes available.  Custom sizes are available for your application if you cannot find your configuration in the selection guide below.  Celem part number cross references are included.

» Alcon Selection Guide

Alcon Electronics – Power Capacitors

Alcon offers high power Aluminum Electrolytic capacitors typically utilized in large power supplies, inverters, power distribution and electric vehicles. Handling up to 500VDC, these capacitors are also used in high frequency and high ripple current applications like high frequency PWM Inverters, high KVA On-Line UPS, and Telecom SMPS.

» Alcon PG-6D series - Computer Grade
» Alcon PG-6DI series - Inverter Grade