Conduction Cooled and Power Filmed Capacitors

Alcon offers a wide range of conduction cooled capacitors for induction heating and power film capacitors typically utilized in large power supplies, inverters, power distribution and electric vehicles.

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HJC - Hua Jung Components
Film Capacitors

HJC offers a complete line of film capacitors including X2 across the line, Y2/X1, motor run, motor start, as well as most all general purpose applications.

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Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, AC/DC fans and Lighting Ballasts

Jamicon offers a complete line up of aluminum electrolytics including Low Impedance, High Ripple, Long Life, High Temperature, General Purpose, Snap-in, Screw Terminal and many custom built to order values.
Many sizes of  AC/DC fans
Wide range of lighting ballasts

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